Whether tending to crops or hunting our next meal, humans have lived most of our time on our feet. Unfortunately, as a society we are tending to move less and less, and as a result we are getting sicker and sicker.

With the advent of the desk job, smartphone, TV, and computer, we’re sitting down more than ever before. It is estimated that Americans sit 9.3 hours a day, which is even more time than we spend sleeping (7.7 hours). Our bodies weren’t built for that, and it’s starting to take a toll.

Sitting 6 or more hours per day makes you up-to 40% more likely to die within 15 years than someone who sits less than three.

Even if you exercise for 1 hour a day, your risk is still higher if you sit for long periods in the day.

We develop tools to help people move better. When people move better, they tend to move more.

When people move better, they tend to move more.

More human movement is our goal.

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